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Sclerotherapy is a form of treatment where a doctor injects medicine into blood vessels or lymph vessels that causes them to shrink. It is commonly used to treat varicose veins or so-called spider veins. The procedure is non-surgical, requiring only an injection.

Varicose veins.png

Varicose veins are extremely widespread within our population, since it is estimated that they concern 30 to 50% of women and 20 to 30% of men. This condition will be increasingly frequent because of the aging of the population and lifestyle changes.


Venous insufficiency is related to a weakness of the venous wall, probably hereditary. This weakness will worsen gradually by factors of risks: jobs involving prolonged standing positions, putting on weight, pregnancy, heat, and more. 

The venous wall dilates, causing its valves to separate.  As a result, blood flow reverses. Instead of bringing blood back to the heart as a normal vein would, a weakened vein allows blood to become static in the lower extremity.  This backward flow will involve an increase in pressure in the vein (hypertension). Dilation becomes permanent: it is a varicose vein.  This phenomenon will extend gradually and, if allowed to continue, will affect an increasingly wide surface venous network.

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